Your All-In-One Terminology Partner

Fodina offers a full suite of tools and services to help you build, maintain and use your enterprise terminology.

The Benefits of an Excellent Enterprise Terminology

Cheaper and Better Translations

Consistent and standardized language ensures consistent and accurate translations

Consistent language

Deliver the best customer experience by using the same language everywhere

Improved brand identity

Strengthen your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness by sticking to an on-brand terminology

shortened Editorial cycles

 Speed up your content creation with agreed-upon terms that make editing faster and easier

Improved Findability

Stand out by using the right terminology to connect your content with your customer’s searches

reduced support tickets

Reduce support tickets by using clear and uniform language in your technical documentation

What We Offer

Whether you need to expand your enterprise terminology, share it across your organization, or guide your writers to use it - Fodina has the right solution for you.

TermCatch is a tool designed to streamline the process of building and maintaining your enterprise terminology. It helps you to extract terms from existing content, group synonyms, create standardized terms, and export your terminology for use in other applications.

TermAlign is a service that helps you find consistent translations for your terminology. By analyzing your existing translation memories, TermAlign extracts the most common term translations, allowing you to improve the consistency and clarity of your multilingual content.

Terminology Services

With 20 years of experience in the field, we at Fodina have gathered a lot of knowledge in terminology management and the practical day-to-day terminology work. Our goal is to put that knowledge to good use for our customers, not only through our products.

Our Partners' Products

We have linked up with our industry-leading partners to ensure that we can help you all the way with your enterprise terminology.

Kalcium Quickterm

Kalcium Quickterm is a collaborative workflow system, which lets you closely track and control all processes required to request, define, create, change, and translate your terminology.


Acrolinx makes sure that your content is clear and compliant by finding and correcting content issues related to terminology, clarity, correctness, and more. Acrolinx governs new and existing content, regardless of whether it’s written by people or generative AI.

Customer Testimonials

“Fodina has been very nice to work with! They are flexible, patient, quick to respond, and make sure to follow up on any questions or concerns. The training material was very clear and informative. Ten out of ten! Furthermore, TermCatch is a good product that serves its purpose, and that I would recommend to any colleague working with terminology.”
– Project Manager @ Company in the Automotive Industry
“Fodina has a combination of deep linguistic knowledge and great technical knowledge and delivers practical applications that I cannot find at other suppliers. This makes Fodina, with its burning passion for practical linguistics, an excellent partner in quality language care work.“
– Customer @ Global Manufacturer of Transport and Infrastructure Solutions
"We have partnered with Fodina to utilize their tools for effective term management, design, and implementation of term processes, as well as for consulting and training. Fodina has extensive expertise in the field of terminology management encompassing everything from text writing and translation to integrations with other systems such as ERP and e-business."
– Engineering Capability Expert @ Packaging Solution Manufacturer

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No matter what your terminology challenges are, we have the expertise and products to solve them.



The specialized words and phrases used within a particular field, profession, or area of study. It’s the vocabulary that allows experts to communicate effectively and precisely about complex concepts.