TermAlign is a service that helps you find consistent translations for your terminology. By analyzing your existing translation memories, TermAlign extracts the most common term translations, allowing you to improve the consistency and clarity of your multilingual content.

If you translate the content you write, you probably have translation memories full of formerly translated segments and documents. But do you know what translations should be used on a term level? If not, it’s well worth looking into. Because in the same way as structured terminology can reduce the inconsistencies in your source texts, structured term translations reduce the inconsistencies in your translated texts. This reduces confusion and misinterpretation by the readers in all languages alike.

What is TermAlign?

TermAlign is a cost-effective service for building multilingual terminology, using bilingual term extraction. If you know what terminology to use in your source language, TermAlign can find the best-suited term translations for you just by processing your translation memories. It simply goes through your translated material, extracts the most common and likely translations for each term, and presents them to you in an easy way. 

Bilingual term extraction

/baɪˈlɪŋ.ɡwəl/ /tɝːm/ /ɪkˈstræk.ʃən/

Bilingual term extraction is the process of finding terms from a text in one language and identifying their matching translations in another language.

The results can of course be used as a guide for the translators in your next translation project, to help them choose the correct term translations. But it can also help you verify that the segments in the translation memories match already established term translations, and analyze how consistent past translations are. This makes it easier to clean up the translation memories and increase their quality.


TermAlign improves your multilingual content and saves you time and money.

Improved translated Content

TermAlign makes it easier to reuse term translations, reducing inconsistencies and making your translated content clearer and easier to understand.

Consistent Translation Memories

Consistent translation memories help you achieve good quality in machine translations, saving time and reducing costs.

Shorten translation Projects

You can save time in translation projects since the translator gets clear information about which term translation is likely the most suitable.

How does TermAlign Work?

We deliver TermAlign as a service to you, which means we do all the work with the tool. All you need to do is to provide us with your translation memory, and possibly a list of specific terms to look for translations for.

The results are shared with you in a spreadsheet, where you will see the most common translations for each term. You will also see

  • how frequent each translation is
  • the contexts where the translations were found
  • additional metadata that you have provided as input for the source terms, like their definition or currently preferred translation

This allows you to make informed decisions about how your terms should be translated into different languages.

TermAlign supports 3 source languages (English, Swedish, and German) and over 80 target languages, so we feel confident that we can help you with the majority of the languages you are translating into!