Our products

We offer a full suite of terminology tools for building, maintaining, and using your enterprise terminology. Together with our industry-leading partners, Acrolinx and Kaleidoscope, we strive to provide the most advanced and adaptable terminology and content governance experience.

TermCatch is a web-based terminology management tool that helps you build and maintain your terminology. It automates term extraction from existing content, identifies and groups synonyms, and allows you to easily define concepts. With TermCatch, you can import existing terminology or extract terms from various sources, standardize concepts, and export them to other terminology tools or spreadsheets. 

Do you need a way to make sure that your terminology is used correctly by all writers once you’re done working with it in TermCatch? Then take a look at Acrolinx. Acrolinx is your enterprise content insurance policy. This AI-powered software for content governance captures and digitizes your style guide to make your writing standards, standard.

Kalcium Quickterm is a collaborative workflow system, which lets you closely track and control all processes required to request, define, create, change, and translate your terminology. Since language changes and evolves over time, Kalcium Quickterm also helps you to keep track of the life cycle of your termbase entries. Special functions help you to boost awareness of the terminology and its usage.