Here you can take part of Fodina’s expertise in video form, through webinars, customer stories, product demos, and more.

More content... more inconsistencies?

Does more content always entail more inconsistencies? Not necessarily! A good terminology process goes a long way toward reaching your consistency goals.  Watch this short visualization of how Fodina can guide you.

Fodina and Volvo Group, BOTI 2022

Fodina’s Senior Solutions Architect Mikael Lundahl and David Wallgren from Volvo Group talked about our long-lasting collaboration.

Terminologie im Zeitalter der KI

Fodina’s CTO Max Trembczyk and Christian Lang from Kaleidoscope talk about how to extract and manage terminology with TermCatch and Quickterm.

How Acrolinx and Fodina Support CellaVision

In this interview, Daniel talks about the challenges of selling a medical technology product in over 30 languages, and how content governance supported his writers in creating clear, consistent, and accurate content.

Terminology extraction and buildup using TermCatch and Quickterm

Watch a short demo of how TermCatch and Quickterm work together.