From chaos to order
Fodina Termograph
  • Supports English, Swedish and German
  • Identifies and extracts terms in your existing content
  • Finds and groups synonyms and spelling variants
  • Helps you to make fact-based decisions about terms to use – and terms not to use
  • Publishes your standardized terms to termbases and writer support systems like Acrolinx
  • Runs in your web browser

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BENEFITS of consistent and high-quality terms

  • Reduced misunderstandings by readers and translators
  • Reduced translation costs
  • Increased quality of both source and target language texts
  • Strengthened company profile
  • Improved findability

BUILD a solid, useful and value-adding terminology

  • Including term synonyms to avoid
  • Based on historic term use in your own content

MAINTAIN and update your terminology continuously

  • When new content is created and new terms appear
  • When new teams or domains start to write
  • Without introducing inconsistencies or unnecessary, conflicting concepts

How it works

Go from chaos to order in four simple steps with Fodina TermCatch.


  • Gather content from many different sources
  • Extract potential terms and metadata using Fodina TermCatch
  • Import any existing term lists or standards into Fodina TermCatch


  • Find groups of possible synonyms among your terms
  • Explore the suggested synonym clusters in Fodina TermCatch
  • Decide which terms to use – and which terms not to use


  • Export your validated terms to Acrolinx, to other terminology databases, or to another format
  • Fodina TermCatch stays in sync with your published terms, and finds relations between new terms and your published concepts


  • This is where the real value of term standardization shows
  • Use your term decisions to get more consistent content, using Acrolinx as a part of the content creation process
  • Look up terms and term decisions in Acrolinx Term Browser
Fodina TermCatch is our second-generation tool for terminology build-up and maintenance. Our previous tool Termograph has now been replaced by TermCatch. The same underlying working process (the four simple steps described above) is used in TermCatch, but with major improvements when it comes to features and usability.