Acrolinx is a software platform that helps companies to create great content at scale that's on-brand and on-target. Acrolinx software "reads" your content and helps you to make it better. It works with over 30 authoring tools and acts as a personal content coach, using a sidebar interface.

Acrolinx scores your content based on style, grammar, terminology, and tone of voice. The higher your Acrolinx Score, the better your content will perform when it's published. You can tune your content for your audience, from tweaking terminology to tightening your text. Acrolinx helps you create content adapted to your audience.

Acrolinx assists you in creating great quality content which in turn results in better business. Consistent terminology and audience-tuned texts will also save costs and lead to better customer relations and drive leads, likes, shares, and sales.

Fodina is a partner with Acrolinx and acts as reseller, implementation and service provider for anything that has to do with Acrolinx. Fodina has also built the module for Swedish language support in Acrolinx.

How it works

Great content requires a great strategy.