Customer value

By using our platforms to improve your content quality, you get:

Clear, readable content

Consistent language makes your content easier to understand. Your products, tools, processes and offerings should be presented with a consistent style, tone and terminology.

Cheaper, high-quality translations

Translation quality starts with source language quality. Poor source language quality generates poor translations – at a higher price. Mistakes in the source multiply with every language you translate to.

Increased findability

You want to make your content easy to find. This means that you want your content to rank well for search engines. Language quality is one key factor for getting high-ranking search hits.

Improved brand profile

You want to connect a certain type of language to your company or your products. The choice of words and tone of voice are fundamental in creating a brand language for you.

Measurable content

You want to monitor the quality of your website, technical documentation, marketing material and any other content type. Metrics show how you are doing and pinpoint what needs fixing.

Automated reviews

You want to ensure that your content is aligned with your strategy. You can integrate Acrolinx to check content as part of an automated workflow and thereby function as a quality gate.


Fodina works with three software platforms that help you to achieve the goals of valuable content – Acrolinx, Fodina TermCatch and Fodina TermAlign.


Acrolinx is an AI-powered platform that aligns your content with your strategy, and gives your company one clear voice. Acrolinx captures your goals, helps your teams create messaging that reflects those goals, and analyzes the content to ensure it’s consistently on target.

Fodina TermCatch

Fodina TermCatch is a web-based platform for building and maintaining high-quality consistent terminology. TermCatch is more than just an excellent term extraction tool: You can extract, rank, find synonyms, filter and manage multiple term lists or other resources.

Fodina Termograph

Fodina TermAlign

Fodina TermAlign is a platform for building multilingual terminology. If you have the terminology decided for your source language, TermAlign can find high-quality term translations for you by processing your translation memories.

Unified language

Most companies strive for a unified language. Traditional style guides may work in small organizations with only a few writers. But in larger organizations, with many content creators, spread across different departments and offices, you need help to achieve a unified language.

For most customers, the goal with Acrolinx is to get a unified language in all content that is created, regardless of who wrote it. Different teams produce many different types of content on different formats in different editors. The different content types have commonly been produced for a long time. This means that there are large volumes of existing content when Acrolinx is introduced, content that often was created without writing guides and a defined terminology.

Acrolinx helps you to fix spelling, grammar, style, terminology and tone of voice. Acrolinx reads and analyzes your content and then gives you step-by-step guidance. And you will end up with content that is clear, compelling and unified.