Do you need a way to make sure your terminology is used correctly by all writers once you’re done working with it in TermCatch? Then take a look at Acrolinx. Acrolinx is your enterprise content insurance policy. This AI-powered content governance software captures and digitizes your style guide to make your writing standards, standard.

What is Acrolinx?

Acrolinx makes sure your content is clear and compliant by finding and correcting content issues such as terminology, clarity, correctness, and more. Acrolinx governs new and existing content regardless of whether it’s written by people or generative AI. Whether your company has written 100,000 words (or 1 billion like Acrolinx’s customer Microsoft), Acrolinx makes sure each one reflects your style guide. Customers achieve massive efficiency gains without sacrificing standards through AI-powered live writing assistance, automated reviews and quality gates, and analytics comparing content quality with performance.

What are the benefits of using Acrolinx?

Acrolinx continuously checks drafted and published content making sure it aligns with your enterprise writing standards. This means it meets regulatory, compliance, and inclusivity goals. Acrolinx simplifies the writing and editorial process by assisting writers as they write, reducing the rounds of iterations and drafts, and ultimately speeding up content production. Acrolinx keeps ALL in-progress and published content aligned with your enterprise writing standards. This means it stays clear, easy to read, consistent, and compliant across all documentation.

Content Governance Solution

/ˈkɑːn.tent/ /ˈɡʌv.ɚ.nəns/ /səˈluː.ʃən/

A content governance solution is a tool that helps organizations streamline the creation, management, and optimization of their content to ensure it remains high-quality, consistent, and aligned with business goals.

How do Acrolinx and Fodina work together?

Fodina has worked closely with Acrolinx for a long time and are very familiar with their products. We act as a reseller, as well as an implementation and service provider for anything that has to do with Acrolinx. The module for Swedish language support in Acrolinx is also built and maintained by Fodina. We have, of course, also made sure Acrolinx and TermCatch can be used together. If you have your terminology database in Acrolinx, you can easily export it to TermCatch and work with it there. Once you are done, you can export it back to Acrolinx with one simple click.

Do you want to know more?

You can contact us, or go to Acrolinx’s homepage to find out all you need to know.

How Acrolinx & Fodina support Cellavision to create fast and efficient content: