From chaos to order
Fodina Termograph
  • Identifies existing terms and synonyms in your content
  • Finds and groups synonyms and spelling variants
  • Helps you to make fact-based decisions about terms to use – and terms not to use
  • Publishes your standardized terms to termbases and writer support systems like Acrolinx
  • Runs in your web browser

BENEFITS of consistent and high-quality terms

  • Reduced misunderstandings by readers and translators
  • Reduced translation costs
  • Increased quality of both source and target language texts
  • Strengthened company profile
  • Improved findability

BUILD a solid, useful and value-adding terminology

  • Including term synonyms to avoid
  • Based on historic term use in your own content

MAINTAIN and update your terminology continuously

  • When new content is created and new terms appear
  • When new teams or domains start to write
  • Without introducing inconsistencies or unnecessary, conflicting concepts

How it works

Go from chaos to order in four simple steps with the Fodina Termograph.


  • Gather content from many different sources
  • Extract potential terms and metadata
  • Import into Fodina Termograph


  • Fodina Termograph suggests possible synonym relations between your terms
  • Explore synonym clusters
  • Decide which terms to use – and which terms not to use


  • Export your validated terms to Acrolinx, to other terminology databases, or to another format
  • Fodina Termograph stays in sync with your published terms, and finds relations between new terms and your published concepts


  • This is where the real value of term standardization shows
  • Use your term decisions to get more consistent content, using Acrolinx as a part of the content creation process
  • Look up terms and term decisions in Acrolinx Term Browser

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